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Long distance running is a test of physical endurance, but just as much, it is a test of mental endurance. The focus, discipline, and mental fortitude required to run long distances is the result of a well-trained mind. As a runner goes farther and farther, she must steel herself against distractions and temptations.

This is doubly so when running long distances on uneven terrain. Street running offers relatively smooth surfaces, but running on trails can be full of surprises. Trails have rocks, crevices, roots, and weed patches. They run up and down varied hillsides and ravines. They twist and turn in on themselves again and again. It’s easy to lose focus while running for extended periods of time, but doing that on a trail can be dangerous, even deadly.

That’s why, at the World Mountain Running Championships, we celebrate the incredible endurance of both body and mind in our athletes. Read on to learn more about the history of our event, our 2018 race, and more.

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The 42-Kilometer Adventure Marathon

Our event started in 2003. 345 runners joined us in Argentina for that first race. We’ve grown in the years, and now over 2,000 runners compete in our event each year. More than 60% of them run the full marathon, while the remaining runners compete in the 15k run. The race has grown to be one of the most important racing events.

In 2009, we started an international series of races, with races held in the Canary Islands, Brazil, Morocco, and Argentina.Our events are now held in more than 12 countries on three separate continents.

We originally started out with the full marathon race and an optional 10k fun run. That 10k fun run eventually morphed into a 15k race, and now racers come from all over the world to compete in both divisions. Along with the races, which take place on consecutive days, we also have other events surrounding the races that help make this more than just a run–it’s an all-around adventure.

We focus our events on fostering several core values, among them friendship, courage, environmental preservation, and self-improvement. These values bind us together in a shared mission. We seek to share these values with other runners around the world and to build a community of trail runners who will do the same with others.

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Our Host Town: Canillo, Andorra

Canillo is a town of a little less than 5,000 people located in the middle of Andorra, in the Pyrenees mountains. Its parish church, dating back to the 12th century, is considered the spiritual and religious center of the Andorran community. Although Canillo draws much of its income from tourism now, it still has significant livestock and agricultural activities, too.

Andorra is a small, independent country right on the border between Spain and France. It was formed by a charter in 1278 and has remained an independent microstate ever since. It’s the sixth-smallest nation in Europe, with a population of just over 77,000 people. Although the official language is Catalan, you can also commonly find people who speak Spanish, Portuguese, and French. We will arrange for guides and hosts who speak English, too.

We picked Canillo as the location for our 2018 race because of its picturesque location, hospitable community, and great mountain trails. Nobody can be bored running through the Pyrenees, with the steep changes in terrain and breath-taking views. We’re sure you will love your experience racing here, too.

If you need help finding a place to stay in or near Canillo for the race, please contact us. We’ve got recommendations for lodging, food, and sights to see when you’re done running.

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Traveling for International Running Competitions

  • Have your travel documents in order. It’s important to make sure that you have an up-to-date passport that doesn’t expire within six months of the race. Many countries won’t let you enter if your passport is near to expiration. You should also check to see whether you will need a visa to travel to the countries you plan to visit. While some countries have easy travel arrangements with each other, others require visas for visits, and that process can take several months. Start planning early.
  • Stay hydrated. Air travel can be severely dehydrating because of the dry, pressurized air in the cabins. Make sure to drink at least 16 oz of water each hour. Because you’re going to be drinking so much water, try to get an aisle seat if at all possible. It’ll make things easier for you. Once you’ve arrived in your location, figure out whether the local tap water is okay to drink or whether you should stick to bottled water. When in doubt, use bottled water, especially before your race.
  • Try to keep your sleep schedule as normal as possible. Your body needs sleep to prepare and to recover. Try to time your flights so that they do not interfere with your normal sleep routine, and make sure to get to sleep at a reasonable hour once you arrive, especially the night before the race. The race is a long one and your body will need its energy reserves to complete it. Pack earplugs and an eye mask if they’ll help you fall asleep in unfamiliar places. If you have trouble sleeping while traveling, talk to your doctor about other possible solutions.
  • Wait to try local cuisine until after the race.  For the same reason that you should check on local tap water, you should probably hold off on trying local delicacies until you’re done racing. Bring some of your favorite, easily-transported food with you. Save the rare dishes until after your run. You don’t want to risk indigestion from unfamiliar food or, worse, a stomach illness. 

Running an international race is the experience of a lifetime. You see incredible sights, make new friends, explore unfamiliar places, and bring home stories you can share forever. We hope you’ll join us for one of our many races around the world, and we hope to see you in Canillo in 2018.

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