The 42-Kilometer Adventure Marathon

Our event started in 2003. 345 runners joined us in Argentina for that first race. We’ve grown in the years, and now over 2,000 runners compete in our event each year. More than 60% of them run the full marathon, while the remaining runners compete in the 15k run. The race has grown to be one of the most important racing events.

In 2009, we started an international series of races, with races held in the Canary Islands, Brazil, Morocco, and Argentina.Our events are now held in more than 12 countries on three separate continents.

We originally started out with the full marathon race and an optional 10k fun run. That 10k fun run eventually morphed into a 15k race, and now racers come from all over the world to compete in both divisions. Along with the races, which take place on consecutive days, we also have other events surrounding the races that help make this more than just a run–it’s an all-around adventure.

We focus our events on fostering several core values, among them friendship, courage, environmental preservation, and self-improvement. These values bind us together in a shared mission. We seek to share these values with other runners around the world and to build a community of trail runners who will do the same with others.

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