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Long distance running is a test of physical endurance, but just as much, it is a test of mental endurance. The focus, discipline, and mental fortitude required to run long distances is the result of a well-trained mind. As a runner goes farther and farther, she must steel herself against distractions and temptations.

This is doubly so when running long distances on uneven terrain. Street running offers relatively smooth surfaces, but running on trails can be full of surprises. Trails have rocks, crevices, roots, and weed patches. They run up and down varied hillsides and ravines. They twist and turn in on themselves again and again. It’s easy to lose focus while running for extended periods of time, but doing that on a trail can be dangerous, even deadly.

That’s why, at the World Mountain Running Championships, we celebrate the incredible endurance of both body and mind in our athletes. Read on to learn more about the history of our event, our 2018 race, and more.

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